Switch from thinking about defeat to performance

If we fixate on raising our performance, we open ourselves to fresh possibilities and creativity.


Tony Hackett


a man and woman standing on a barbell
a man and woman standing on a barbell

It’s easy to become fixated on the fear of failure, but there is no way to guarantee success. So instead of averting failure, it is better to focus on eradicating negative thinking and upgrading your performance.

Escaping failure causes us to limit ourselves and become overly cautious. It can paralyze and create a negative attitude toward taking risks.

If we fixate on raising our performance, we open ourselves to fresh possibilities and creativity.

Look for innovative solutions

As we search for new and innovative solutions to our problems, we need to understand the root cause of the issues we face. Not all risks and new ideas will work, but we can find the answers by embracing a culture of experimentation and exploration, even if they seem counterintuitive. We must step outside our comfort zone, ask hard questions, and challenge existing beliefs to unlock our potential. Doing so will create a more efficient and effective way to make progress, instead of being overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety.

Try new strategies

Everyone has the potential to become better, but it takes mental preparation and effort to get there. We must push ourselves and try different strategies that minimize negative self-talk. Achieving success and improving ourselves does not have to be an arduous task. If we remain determined and take the steps, we open ourselves up for growth. Setting small, achievable goals to stay on track, focus our efforts, and give a sense of accomplishment is beneficial.

Remain positive, and motivated, and don't set unrealistic standards. Seeking advice from someone who has succeeded is a great way to gain insight and understanding, stay organized, and create a schedule to achieve our goals. Lastly, relax and reward ourselves for our successes. We can push ourselves to improve and realize our full potential by taking these steps.

Focus on the journey

We all have dreams we strive to attain, and it is tempting to concentrate heavily on the target outcomes. But if we get too caught up in stressful situations, we overlook the importance of the quest and the process. By avoiding this trap, we gain valuable insight into reaching our targets and a better understanding of ourselves and our capabilities. It’s helpful to keep our eyes on the journey rather than the outcome; you find that your resilience and determination will sustain you.

It’s essential to focus on earning from poor performances and mistakes. Doing so allows us to grow and become better in the long run. We must take the time to think about our actions and how they affect our behavior and then change to improve. This could mean anything from adjusting our routines to practicing different techniques to ensure we do our best.

By switching our focus, we can better understand ourselves and our capabilities, which helps us make more informed decisions in the future.