Outsourcing social selling content

Steps for outsourcing social selling content creation to a freelancer.


Tony Hackett


a man and woman social selling outsourcing collaboration
a man and woman social selling outsourcing collaboration

When outsourcing social selling content creation, there are several best practices that both the business executive and freelance content creator can follow to ensure a smooth and effective working relationship.

Here are some steps for an ideal business process between a business executive outsourcing social selling content creation to a freelance content creator.

Clearly define the project scope

Ensure that both parties are on the same page regarding project requirements, including target audience, messaging tone, brand voice, content format, and deadlines.

Provide detailed instructions

Once the project scope is defined, provide clear instructions on what is expected from the freelancer regarding deliverables. This includes providing access to resources such as style guides or brand templates.

Set expectations for communication

Establish preferred communication channels (e.g. email, messaging apps) and availability windows when both parties can communicate.

Agree on payment terms

Determine rates and payment schedule before starting work and establish a payment method for both sides.

Review the contract/agreement terms

Draft an agreement/contract that covers the parameters of the project specifications, delivery timelines, penalties, or incentives in case of late delivery or delays.

Assign work tasks and evaluate performance

Responsibly assign creative writing tasks or campaigns with specific timelines to ensure accountability between both parties.

Provide feedback and make revisions

Be open to revising drafts provided by freelancers if you feel it does not sync with your brand's voice or does not meet quality expectations.

Obtain all necessary legal rights to use finalized content

Ensure you have secured appropriate licenses to share social selling content created by an external outlet because copyright infringement issues could arise without proper authorization.

By following these best practices, both parties will better understand their roles and expectations in producing high-quality social selling content to help achieve their mutual goals while adhering to standards from contracting through management stages, leading to an excellent final output.