Crossing the Return Threshold: A Journey into B2B Social Selling

The 'Return Threshold' signifies where old ways are abandoned in favor of novel, proven approaches.


Tony Hackett


a man walking across a bridge with balloons
a man walking across a bridge with balloons

The concept of "Crossing the Return Threshold” is a stage in Joseph Campbell's Monomyth known as "The Hero’s Journey". Applying this metaphor to the world of B2B social selling represents an intriguing translation. It symbolizes the tactical shift from traditional selling methods to more interactive and influential social selling strategies.

In our B2B social selling hero's journey narrative, the 'Return Threshold' signifies where old ways are abandoned for good in favor of novel, proven approaches.

The Old World – traditional B2B Selling

In conventional B2B sales methodology, cold calls and direct emails have long been standard practice. These techniques relied on a numbers game - reaching out to many potential customers with more or less standardized offers, hoping that some would bite.

The Call To Adventure – Embracing Digital Transformation

With technology permeating all aspects of business engagements, digital transformation has become imperative for staying relevant. This switch entails updating your tools and strategies by incorporating advanced digital practices like social media networks.

The Mentor – The Role of Training

In attempting this crossing, sales teams need intensive training on utilizing social media platforms like LinkedIn as serious sales tools instead of casual networking devices. They should learn how to optimize their profiles, use keywords, leverage connections for warm introductions, and share valuable content.

Crossing the Threshold – Entering Social Selling

Executing a well-defined strategy is key when stepping into social selling territory. This involves identifying target prospects based on buyer personas, creating quality content demonstrating your industry knowledge and expertise, engaging with people by responding to questions or comments; and nurturing relationships rather than pushing for quick deals.

Return with Elixir – Results and Insights

After crossing over to uncharted territories of B2B social selling, representatives return to their organization with a "magic elixir" – the newfound knowledge and insights into how social selling works. Critical to this is tying back personal branding efforts, content creation, and networking activities on social platforms to real-world results regarding leads, conversions, and revenue.

Social selling has been proven to reduce sales cycles, enhance relationships, and build trust faster than traditional methods. LinkedIn studies show that social sellers outsell peers who don’t use social media.

The New Normal

Upon crossing the return threshold in B2B social selling, the new normal sees a strategic shift towards digital channels for lead generation and relationship nurturing.

Constant Learning

It is essential to keep track of the latest trends and invest in training as algorithms change, new features are introduced, or different platforms gain popularity.

Crossing the return threshold from traditional methods into innovative B2B Social Selling can be intimidating for some enterprises yet rewarding for those that embrace it wholeheartedly. It's not about making a sale anymore; it’s about building relationships and establishing credibility using valuable content on efficient platforms such as LinkedIn.

Remember: Every hero's journey has challenges, but persevere like the hero you are - challenging norms can yield significant personal and professional results!